Why Men Love Video Poker

Poker can be found in casinos, in friends' basements, at local bars, and even on ESPN. It makes sense then that online video poker has thrived in recent years. Bringing together the fun of video games, slot machines, and poker, it is the ultimate in games of chance and skill.

Easy to Use

Online video poker is easy to use and requires very little in the way of skill. Just like any simple arcade game, video poker has simple instructions that open a world of possibilities. Players need only use their mouse or touch screen to select which cards they want to hold and which to discard. They control when the dealer deals and can take as long as they want to decide what move they want to make next. Also, because the player plays only against the machine itself, players who get frustrated with social games can still enjoy the game. There is no need to read people and figure out their tells; a machine never bluffs.

Getting Lucky

The way online video poker games pay out is different from traditional poker, too. There is no competition in video poker; it is just the player and the odds. That means there is no pot to either win or lose. Instead, there are multiple opportunities for players to earn money with many different hands. The player only has to build up the best possible hand he or she can instead of outbidding and outsmarting any other players. This different pay out policy means that players of video poker are assured a much higher rate of return on their money.

Online video poker offers the best of the traditional game of poker with the ease and convenience of video games. Players who love poker can find the game at any online casino website.